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 The visitors of Ravna Gora will immediately notice the uniqueness of the speech in Ravna Gora due to its specificities. Namely, the historical development of Ravna Gora resulted in a special speech with characteristics of the Kajkavian dialect. That "Kajkavian” dialect could also be called "Kejkavian” since in this region the word "kej” is more often used than "kaj”.        
Already in 1819 Ravna Gora had its own dialect which was somewhat different from the Slovenian, and it was known as the Ravna Gora dialect.     
Ravna Gora is divided into Stari Laz, Kosa, Novi Varoš, Stari Varoš, Vrh, Bajt and Sušica. The speech of Ravna Gora is also divided, so the speech is not everywhere equal. For example, in Novi Varoš the speech resembles the Štokavski dialect with ikavian pronunciation. In Stari Laz, even today, the čakavski dialect is present.
Prof. dr. Nikola Majnarić, the eminent philologist (academician, born in Ravna Gora), rationally elaborates and concludes that the speech of Ravna Gora is one of the rovtarski (Slovenian) dialects, although the speech of Ravna Gora is not identical, as far as presently known, to any speech of the so called rovtarski dialect group.        
For those who still did not hear a spoken word from Ravna Gora, we recommend that they should visit Ravna Gora and hear for themselves the uniqueness of our dialect. 


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