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 Tiny wood statuettes mysteriously created by nature. According to legends, alrauna appeared in branches of trees which grew on graves of criminals who got stuck on roads and in woods and they were buried there. Misshapen little men are living in these tree branches and they are observing what’s happening in the world around them. Nobody can see them. Century after century extraordinary people with special clairvoyant abilities are born, and the moment they step into the wood or see an alrauna bush they immediately discover the little monsters in it. They are the only ones who are capable to find them, root them out, trim and give them a shape visible for all people. In that way the small ugly monsters originate and come to this world, the happiest talismans of all superstitious people….                
They were manufactured in Kupjak by: Lovro Matković (1857-1941), his son Franjo (1898-1981), and today by: Vlado Matković and Jakovac Nikola.           


Proizvod (Kom: ) Je dodan u kosaricu.