Castle Stara Sušica and Saint Anthony of Padua Church :

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Castle Stara Sušica   
The castle is located on a mountain slope by a coniferous forest. According to some historical sources, the Frankopan family had a town in Stara Sušica which the Turks weren’t able to invade. In the 19th century the castle was owned by count Laval Nugent and in 1890 it was bought by the tradesmen from Rijeka Feliks and Josip Neuberger. The castle was restored in the romantic spirit of its time.   

Saint Anthony of Padua Church   
The church is positioned opposite to the castle. The present building originates from 1874 since the old church was burned down by the Turks in 1568. It is a simple building of a multi-faced sanctum, with a bell tower above the entrance.    


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