Okolna mjesta

Leskova Draga is the smallest village in Ravna Gora Municipality, picturesque and slightly mystical, abundant in fragrances from meadows with numerous flowers and stream sounds….

The first immigrants arrived in Kupjak with the building of the Lujzinska road in 1806. In 1994 Kupjak becomes a part of the Municipality Ravna Gora and that remains unchanged till present day.

Idyllic small village in the “green heart” of Croatia: around the village – hills, woods, meadows; in the village – a school, a tiny church, a castle, below the castle a stream….

During the reign of Carl XI this was just a small pathway called “Laz”. The Turks used the pathway, plundering and destroying everything they came across. Empress Maria Theresa allowed the place to become populated and the first inhabitants named it Stari Laz.

Proizvod (Kom: ) Je dodan u kosaricu.